Outdoor Living in Vero Beach, FL

Outdoor Living, Vero Beach, FL Many homeowners like to socialize and spend some of their leisure time in the company of friends. But there are times when you could not be bothered to step out of your home and drive to a pub or club for a relaxed evening. Therefore, you should consider getting some outdoor features installed on your property. A well-planned yard becomes an incentive to invite friends over and you can organize dinner and BBQ parties right there in your yard.

It’s a great way to avoid driving on busy roads and having a drink or meal in noisy bars and restaurants. Outdoor living features add to the beauty and value of your landscape and it’s crucial to hire the services of experts like the ones at Gulfstream Hardscapes, Inc,for the job.

They have also successfully completed projects in Vero Beach, FL, and have handled many paver installations jobs across properties in the surrounding areas. The different services they provide include:

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition to your yard. You have the option to get it built either on your patio or in some other area of the yard. It’s important that this feature be designed and planned with care if you want to make maximum use of the available space. You need to ensure that weather-resistant materials and high-grade workmanship are used in the work if you want the kitchen to function well and look great.

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace adds the comfort and warmth aspects to your yard, and you can get this installed on your patio, deck or even create a special fireplace area in the outdoor space. This feature can be built using brick, natural stone, or concrete. The latter is a very economical material and you can get some brick or natural stone veneer clad on the concrete fireplace to give it a unique look.

Fire Pits

If you want a fire feature in your yard but prefer something smaller than a full-scale fireplace, you should consider getting a fire pit installed. Since this will be custom designed for you, the size, shape, design, style, and materials can all be in line with your liking and preferences. The designers will also plan the surrounding area and may recommend that you get retaining walls within-built seating to create a cozy nook around the fire pit.


A patio is a great addition to any yard. It’s an area that connects the indoor and outdoor areas of your home and should be designed with care. Some people like to get an outdoor kitchen installed there while others may also like a fireplace or fire pit installation. Great designers will take your preferences into account and design spaces that will complement the rest of the features on your property.

Creating outdoor spaces is a lot about making sure that the materials used are weather-resistant, durable, and attractive all at once. Experienced paving professionals like the experts at Gulfstream Hardscapes, Inc, will ensure that the features on your property are designed and installed to perfection. This adds to the longevity and value of your property.