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Roll on Rock ™ & will transform your dull and dreary concrete floor into a stunning seamless masterpiece that will out-shine other comparable systems for years. When incorporating the Extreme Gloss Polyurea Topcoat into your finish you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best looking clear topcoat available in the country. Our Polyurea topcoat has an incredible gloss while at the same time it provides extreme chemical resistance and abrasion resistance which is why it will continue to shine when others start to fade.

Roll on Rock ™ Hybrid System 4h is a revolutionary 3 step process that allows the professional applicator to install all 3 steps of the system in 3-4 hours. By utilizing the Roll On Rock Hybrid Primer, Hybrid Bodycoat and Polyurea 5073 the installer can now complete the preparation and installation in half a day instead of 2-3 days. This allows the end user to remove their items from the garage in the morning and then return the items back that afternoon or evening.
Hybrid System 4h will withstand at least 5lb. of Moisture Vapor Emission (MVE) with the standard primer and up to 10lb. using the Hybrid Primer. Hybrid System 4h will not yellow and has under 10 VOC which makes it safer for the planet's ozone. You can expect to walk on your new floor within 2-4 hours of completion.

Roll on Rock ™ is available in 4 other systems as well, giving the applicator and end user a multitude of choices to achieve the perfect finish for their floor. You can choose from a completely waterbased system that has very little odor and is non flammable to a vapor blocking system that can be installed over concrete areas that have medium to high MVE levels. In fact, most other systems limit the MVE to 3lb. while the Roll on Rock System provide such great adhesion that it will withstand 5-16lb. of MVE. These facts speak volumes on how well the Roll on Rock Systems adhere to concrete and what years of research and development are capable of achieving.