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Paver Driveway Overlay’s
ICPI is the industry leader that writes all the specs, and engineering that the entire paver industry is based on, the head engineer for ICPI states the following when 1" over lays are to be used on driveways...
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  1. One inch (1") concrete pavers are not made for vehicular applications. They aren't even designed to set in cement over existing concrete application.

  2. ICPI, the International Concrete Paver Institute that governs, qualifies, and mandates all specifications does not acknowledge driveway over lays with 1” concrete pavers. Make sure your installer is ICPI certified.

  3. Gary Ross, the local VP of Oldcastle Coastal Concrete, the Unites States Largest manufacturer of pavers said, and I quote: “The ICPI does not recognize 1” Concrete Tiles as a paver. They do not meet the aspect ratio to qualify as an interlocking concrete paver. There is no ASTM Specification developed for this product. 1” Concrete Tiles were developed for pedestrian use only, not vehicular. These tiles are a great product to remodel pool decks, backyard patios, walkways and courtyards. They should never be considered for an overlay in a driveway or vehicular application. Eventually the pavers would crack and break apart from the weight of the vehicle and all of the twisting and turning of the tires. 1” pavers carry no guarantee when used on vehicular use, and most installers that do this are not around long enough to warranty either.

  4. If your concrete driveway has cracks you can see, I assure you that there are cracks you can’t see, when applying 1” pavers over cracked pavers, eventually the cracks will broadcast through, and the 1” pavers will fail.

  5. The cost of cementing, gluing, or even just setting one inch pavers over concrete are not much saving over tearing out the concrete driveway, around a dollar a foot, and putting in vehicular paver at about 3-3.50 a foot. NEW concrete driveways specify out at about 2800 pounds per sq inch, where as sand set interlocking pavers spec out at over 8000 pounds per sq foot… Add a new five year warranty on top of that and make a conscious decision on your investment!

  6. Gulfstream Hardscape is a “Certified” Master Craftsman, one of 13-15 in the United States, with almost 10,000 installers, that means we are the best, with the most experience, and the best credentials. Not always the cheapest, but guaranteed the best!

  7. No manufacturer in the state of Florida will warrant 1" pavers over concrete, aside from what an installer will "Say to you", check with whatever manufacturer he is using, and find out for yourself!

  8. 1" Pavers are only designed for pool decks, patios, walkways etc. Anywhere but vehicular applications.